Behind The Brand

NOU / (n-ooo-u)



by Luxe Papeterie / (pap-uh-tree)

Luxe Papeterie™ is a boutique Planner and Paper Goods Studio, founded in 2020 by Tekey Wallace, Esq. Luxe Papeterie was born out of the desire to bring structure and organization into busy lives. We’ve become known for our consciously created selection of simple yet significant product lines that have helped hundreds of people take control of their time and re-define their LIFE [Who they are] STYLE [How they live] through intentional planning.

Behavior change can be Simple, Sustainable, and Stylish.

A Well-Planned Life is Luxurious. One filled with Abundance, Clarity, and Great-Ease, the ULTIMATE Luxury.

Make Sustainable Stylish Stationery the STANDARD.

Innovate the landscape of the Stationery and Paper Goods Industry by Producing Planners and Paper Products that are not only good for People, but the Planet.


A stationery addict herself, Tekey Wallace, lives and breathes having a Well-Planned life.

Planning saved Tekey during a time where she was struggling to find balance as a newlywed, mom, and law student with undiagnosed ADHD. As a means to stay afloat Tekey rediscovered the power of planning and organizing. The clarity and ease it provided her were life-changing.

She has since been committed to helping others tap into that same life-changing Power of Paper Goods by thoughtfully designing and creating products that afford that same luxury.

Tekey is fully invested in Luxe Papeterie from designing the planner pages to selecting every detail of the packaging to ensure a stellar customer experience.

Tekey is the phenomenal woman behind the brand. A proud Military Spouse, Mother of Three, and Attorney. She shares her passion for life, law, organization, and planning, through her social media handle: @TEEKEE_ESQ

"Luxe Papeterie is the sum of my heart work. It is both a labor of love & a pure offering for anyone who resonates with the brand, the products, or my story. It is an honor and privilege to share this piece of joy with others. I appreciate every single customer who purchases, supports, and trust Luxe Papeterie to be a part of their journey to do life Well-Planned." 
We prioritize sustainability on all fronts. From the sustainable planning systems we create to ensure people focus on those things that matter the most, to the use of sustainable materials for our products and packaging.

Through our Partnership with ONE TREE PLANTED, a nonprofit organization with a focus on Global Reforestation, we have committed to planting One Tree every month, and look forward to increasing that effort to One Tree for every Order.

Our hope is that these efforts decrease environmental waste and pollution, which disproportionally impact communities of color, and also replenish back into our Planet the natural resources used to create our products.